The New Harvest Christian Fellowship

KICS 2017 Curriculum

This year we are using the children’s curriculum from Hillsong South Africa. Below you can find an overview of the lessons and themes that we will be covering in the first term.


Date POP PICTURE (Monthly Theme) POP IDEA
(Weekly Topic)
(Point for the week)
(Bible reference and story)
23 Apr Train Track Travel Enjoy the journey
Make the best of your life/situation
Gr 1-6: Wherever I am and whatever I have – I can be happy!
Pre-primary: I can be happy no matter what!
Ecclesiastes 2:24
30 Train Track Travel Jesus the conductor Jesus leads the way! Proverbs 16:9
7 May Train Track Travel What baggage are you putting in your carriage?
Unforgiveness, selfishness, bitterness and anger vs. love, joy, patience, kindness
I choose to carry good things in my heart! Ephesians 4:22-24
14 Train Track Travel Coal for your soul
What fuels me and helps me move forward? Bible, prayer, Church.
Spending time with God moves my life forward! Ephesians 4:4-6
21 Train Track Travel Pop it all up! Pop It All Up! Pop It All Up!
28 Daddy Cool God the Creator God made me and He loves me! Colossians 1:16
Genesis 1 –Story of creation
4 Jun Daddy Cool God the Provider God is our Provider and He gives us what we need. Luke 11:9-10
Matthew 14:13-21 – Feeding of the 5000 people (Pre-primary)

Exodus 8-13 God provides for the Israelites (Gr 1-6)

11 Daddy Cool God the Healer God is our healer and wants to heal us from all our hurts. Psalm 147:3
Matthew 8:14-16 (Gr 1-6)
18 Daddy Cool God the Defender God is my defender, and He wants to keep me safe. Isaiah 54:17
Daniel 3
25 FUN DAY (Sports day with Youth)