The New Harvest Christian Fellowship

Food for the Journey Booklet

The purpose of this booklet is to familiarise you with the Discipleship / Apostleship lifestyle at New Harvest and to encourage you to make that lifestyle your own, without your feeling intimidated or imposed upon, but simply allowing for Jesus to build in you a way of living that is centred around Him.

We all need to continually grow in our understanding and application of what Discipleship / Apostleship means for our lives today and we can be absolutely sure of the Lord’s loving, understanding patience with us as we, with the vital help of the Holy Spirit, make this journey.

The booklet covers Seven Disciplines of discipleship:

  1. Quiet Times – developing and enjoying intimacy with Jesus
  2. Fellowship – sharing the journey with others
  3. Worship – maintaining a high view of the Lord
  4. Integrity – doing our best to live sincerely and honestly
  5. Study – learning to know more about the Lord through studying the Scriptures
  6. Simplicity – being kingdom oriented and adjusting our lives to what we are learning of God
  7. Tithing – learning to trust in God’s provision

Download the Food for the Journey booklet.