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Stretcher Bearers

Healing is part of God’s love for us. It is part of His restorative plan for His people. Jesus is the Healer. The many accounts of healing are not just to tell us it happened but to help us experience Jesus as continuing healer. And so we can identify with the men who felt compelled to bring their paralysed friend before Jesus for they knew that in Jesus healing could be found. The paralysed man was healed that day because of the faith of his friends. They believed that Jesus could heal him and so they acted on that belief, persevering through the obstacles and placing their trust in Jesus.


Sermon by Graham Mol


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Stop Grumbling

What is so bad about grumbling once in a while? Is it not okay to occasionally simply vent about life? However, one of the main problems is that when we complain we place ourselves at the centre of the universe. We make life about us, when nothing could be further from the truth. By not complaining and being obedient to not complaining, we will become more spiritually mature and we will represent God in a pleasing way. Not complaining is counter-cultural to the world around us. People will notice it and it will be as obvious as walking outside and seeing the stars in the sky! We serve our purpose when we are lights in a dark world because those lights help guide people to the truth, to the God who gives us a life worth living.


Sermon by Luke Kincaid


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