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Giving Your Baggage to Jesus

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed by what we pack into our lives. As we race through life we fill our time, occupy our thoughts and waste our energy with all sorts of things that aren’t necessarily sinful, but they’re by no means good either, instead they’re weighing and slowing us down. We need to unpack and give these things to Jesus, because they’re preventing us from being all that God created us to be.


Sermon by Calven Celliers


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How is the Holy Spirit like water?
Water quenches your thirst. It is found in all of life and is essential for life. Water cleanses. Likewise, the Holy Spirit quenches the thirst of our soul. Our spirit is dead without the life-giving water of the Spirit. His presence cleanses us. He fills us up, satisfying us and overflowing us to bless others. We become a wellspring of water so that others may come and drink.


Sermon by Graham Mol


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Walk by Faith

When we face the storms of life they almost always appear more powerful to us than God’s Word. The sobering reality, however, is that we have to remind ourselves that our perceptions can be deceptive. So often, things are not as they appear to be in the natural. We need to walk by faith and not by sight.


Sermon by Calven Celliers


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Temporary vs. Eternity

For many of us the way we are living in the present is impacting our eternity. The way we live our lives for the now is sometimes far too focused on our life on earth and not on where we will one day go. We are guilty of being led off the straight and narrow for the things this world says can satisfy us instead of focusing on the only person that can fully satisfy ANY need we may have – Jesus.


Sermon by Luke Kincaid